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Cflow lifetime deals [99$] – no code workflow automation software

Cflow lifetime deals
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Cflow lifetime deals

If you are looking for a way to streamline your business processes without hiring an expensive developer, then you should contact us.

We can help you automate the tasks that take up valuable time in your business so that you can focus on what’s important. We have all of the tools and expertise needed to solve your workflow automation needs.

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How to work Cflow 

Cflow’s built-in approval workflows make it easy to automate approvals for HR, customer service, and other departments. With one simple click, your document is routed as follows:

1) The initiator creates a draft of the document in Cflow;

2) Another user with appropriate permissions checks the draft and either approves or rejects it; 3) If passed, we automatically upload that version of the file into SharePoint (or Office 365). Meanwhile, an email notification goes out to all users who need to check their email inboxes before they can approve or reject any more drafts.

Visual Workflow Designer

This particular is a properly-known fact that will humans communicate much better visually than along with words and along with Cflow, we purpose to make work flow automation easier compared to ever, using a visible workflow builder.

Pull and drop procedure stages, create guidelines automatically make any kind of process in movement. We strongly think in the no-code ecosystem where everybody in your firm can make the particular processes highly appropriate to their make use of case and the particular workflow management is definitely not dependent upon only the people at IT.

Vacations & Delegation Process

Along with a fairly easy-to-use vacation system, Cflow easily simplifies the procedure keeping people notified of your vacations also ensuring the job is being carried out there. The authorized person can pick to assign the job to a different person if the designated employee is on vacation for a longer period of time. On a single line, any team member can choose to assign to many other teammates in their absence.


Document Management

Cflow lifetime deals

An excellent workflow program is definitely designed to reduce meet your needs and the stress associated with document management. End up being digital documents or manual documents, Cflow allows you to scan them, store and deal with them easily online. You can even access them offline when it’s not possible to get attached to the internet. The idea is to take the problem out there of maintaining so many different digital papers to indicate and maintain them organized all the time.

Once you can add your business documents into Cflow, it stays there and can readily be searched using particular tags. It’s simple, reliable, and makes it much easier to deal with different versions of the document without confusion. Use our powerful document management feature once and you will have the difference.

Public Forms

Move on and permit public forms to gain access to the workflow that you have designed for a bigger audience, design the form to match your public website, copy the WEB LINK and integrate it on your website as an iframe. Send out your public website link to your audience and see all submitted forms automatically flow into Cflow. The general community Form feature comes in the Happiness pricing plan and unlike other suppliers, will not bring any expense. Therefore the Public Types are essentially free!


Encryption & Security

Cflow offers best-in-class safety which offers the best amount of reliability plus protection for your own data. The company data is guaranteed at three ranges, when static, throughout the transfer, so whenever in use simply by employees. We supply SSL encryption in order to safeguard data whenever it’s being moved over the internet. Your articles can be hosted on AWS Cloud that can be manned by equipped security guards day to day to prevent actual intrusion and protect against hacking tries. On the consumer end, it’s guaranteed with multi-factor authentication, password expiry timelines, and non-repeatable security passwords.


Along with Cflow, you can eliminate the problems associated with dealing with paper documents and signing them literally. Powered by the highly secure and popular concept of digital signatures, you no longer have to deliver documents physically to get a signature. Because part of our automated process, documents are automatically delivered for signatures and signed in a secure environment.

Cflow Reports

Along with multiple business procedures that take place in a business, being able to generate an in-depth report is mandatory especially when you are usually in a respected position. Compelling workflow reports provide everything you need to learn at a look and let your boss learn about all the successful tasks that were designed in a day, week, or maybe the 30 days. Customize your Cflow reports how you want them to.


Cflow plans and pricing

Cflow lifetime deals

Cflow lifetime deal – Appsumo


Lifetime deals are intended for anyone who does not want annual renewals for themselves or their clients.

  • Lifetime access to Cflow
  • All future Joy Plan updates
  • 50 dashboard reports
  • Excel import and export
  • Trigger new workflows
  • SMS notifications
  • Customizable sender email
  • File encryption
  • Process insights and user analytics
  • API access
  • Integrations (SAP, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Apps Workflow, QuickBooks, Dropbox, Slack, etc)

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