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Seers lifetime deal [69$] – get 10% discount only new user

Seers lifetime deal
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Seers lifetime deal

Privacy and Consent are becoming increasingly important issues on the Web. The European Union is in the process of enacting new legislation that seeks to harmonize the rules of the member countries in regard to privacy and Consent. This will impact everybody that creates data in the European Economic Area. Data protection is a central concern in the way we use the Internet, and it is increasingly important to look at the privacy and consent issues as a whole.

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How to work it

Seers make it easy to comply with data protection regulations without hiring an expensive compliance lawyer. No matter how complicated or expensive your data protection policies are, they are a half-baked solution. With Seers, you can set up a robust data protection program on your own.

Seers Lifetime Deal       BUY NOW : Data Guardain


Understanding and complying with data protection laws is essential for any business to remain relevant in the digital age. However, many of the steps required to comply with EU and US regulations can be time-consuming for small businesses. Seers make this process easier by providing simple-to-use compliance tools that allow you to stay current and focused on improving your business while complying with stringent regulations that apply to smaller companies.

Plan and Features

Full Customisation: It’s really easy to fully customize the banner, including the position, size, color, buttons, texts, fonts, etc. And you can use it easily.

Seers Lifetime Deal       BUY NOW : Data Guardain

5 Banner Designs: 5 Consent banner designs to choose from

Branding: Restyle Cookie Consent with your own branding, logos, colors, etc. – Cookie Consent is the link that appears on the top of the screen.

Geo Location: Not only will your banner be displayed where it is most effective and relevant, but the right language will also be automatically detected based on the user’s location. This ensures that all banners are translated into both English and Spanish so that they can reach as many people as possible in those languages.

CCPA Banner: if you are in California and would like to avoid being contacted by our Compliance Center for the purpose of collecting information about your online activities, please click on this banner to access a free program that will help you do just that. 

Multi-Lingual: You can choose any of the 28 languages to be included in your text. You have control over the location of your text and how it is localized. In addition, you can choose which language(s) to include in each sentence.

Subdomains: When you have multiple subdomains, we can help you structure your website and content in a way that makes it easy to manage and search for information. You’ll also be able to hide or show specific sections of your site on the fly, so you always have access to the most important information at hand. Plus, our team is available 24/7, 7 days a week, so you can get all the support you need no matter how big or small the project might be.

Prior Consent: if you follow our banner, we will set cookies for your computer. We understand that some people do not want their computers to be tracked, and we respect their privacy. 

Flexible Integrations: The cookie Consent solution is a software program that helps install plugins on any platform. It makes it easy for you to find and add the right plugin for your needs, whether an eCommerce store or a web application. Cookie Consent solution also includes powerful tools that make managing cookies easier than ever before.

Customer Support: We take pride in our ability to provide over-the-phone customer support. We will do everything we can to help you resolve any issue you may have and make sure that your experience with us is positive.

Simple pricing for everyone

Seers lifetime deal

Seers Lifetime Deal       BUY NOW : Data Guardain

Seers lifetime deal – Appsumo

With privacy as the number one concern for website owners, getting their site compliant with the latest security measures is essential. A secure website ensures that personal data and other confidential information remain private and stays out of reach of hackers or third parties who may be looking to use it for malicious purposes.

Appsumo lifetime deal

Seers Lifetime Deal       BUY NOW : Data Guardain
  • Lifetime access to Seers
  • Full customization and branding with your logo
  • Geo locations: UK, US, and EU
  • Cookie policy and database
  • Scan report (full version)
  • Domain scan frequency
  • Google consent mode
  • Flexible integrations
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Script management

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Andromo lifetime deal

Seers Lifetime Deal       BUY NOW : Data Guardain
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