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What you need to know to start blogging

What you need to know to start blogging
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What you need to know to start blogging

Many people have asked me how to start blogging. Because blogging has proven to be the most successful business in the world. You probably know how to earn money by blogging. However, you do not need any skills for that. Moreover, you own yourself what you need to know to start blogging.

Today I will tell you what you need to know to learn to blog. (Learn how to blog)

If you want to start a blogging career right now, you need to look at some special things. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. So let’s find out from below. (How to become a blogger) appsumo lifetime deal[$79] – The easiest way to start a podcast

What you need to know to learn to blog

1. Domain hosting

To start blogging, you must first select a nice domain name. Many people do not know what a domain is? In fact, the domain is the name of the website. Not all of us use Facebook. Do you really know what the domain name of Facebook is? Facebook domain name – Just like when you are thinking of creating a blog website, you also need to buy a domain of your choice.

After the domain, you need to buy hosting. Hosting is the place of a website. Where to put your content. For example, we use memory cards to store songs and pictures on our mobile phones. Similarly, I use hosting to keep the necessary things on the website. Hopefully, you will understand what domain hosting is and why it is important.

However, you should buy a domain hosting from a good and trusted domain hosting company.

2. WordPress or Blogger

WordPress is a CMS software that is used to create 34% of the world’s websites. You need to know about WordPress. However, you do not need to know coding to know WordPress. You can do everything easily using different plugins. Remember, WordPress is a powerful online tool. If you want to create a blog with WordPress, you have to spend a lot of money.

On the other hand, Blogger is a free service from Google. If you want to create a website with Blogger, you can do it in 5 minutes for free. Here domain hosting is all about Google. If you want to create a simple blog, then create it with Blogger. And if you want to blog professionally, then create a WordPress website.

3. SEO

SEO is very important for every website. Because in order to rank your site in a google search engine, you must do SEO. For this, you need to know or learn SEO. Because without SEO, the content will not rank Google. If you do not know SEO, then you have to learn on-page SEO. Read the article below to learn SEO.

4. Content marketing or social media marketing

Content marketing or social media marketing is very important to get a good amount of traffic or visitors to the website. It could be marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. However, Facebook marketing is done more. For this, you will need a large Facebook page or Facebook group where millions of people will join. If you share the link of the content, then the website will get a lot of visitors. I also do social media marketing of blogs. For.

5 Must be a writer

After creating a blog, you will need to publish the article. For this, you have to write an article, about which you have a good idea. You need to publish articles on the blog regularly. Then gradually, your blog will become global to Google. When writing an article, you need to recharge your keywords. Then you will get a good amount of traffic from Google.

And if you don’t know how to write content, you can hire a content writer online and write content from him. You will find many such writers online.

What we learned today

So, today we have learned that in order to learn blogging in a professional way, you have to have a basic idea about what to do. Friends, if you like this article, don’t forget to share. And visit this website regularly to know the latest information about blogging.


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