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UUKI lifetime deal [$79] – Create a white-label Web3 community

uuki lifetime deal
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UUKI lifetime deal

UUKI is a modern community platform where like-minded users can engage in insightful discussions and share content. The community is not focused on digital marketing, but it covers a wide range of topics like influencer marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and more. Get UUKI lifetime deal on appsumo.  

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What is Uuki? 

UUKI is a modern community platform designed for people who want to engage in insightful discussions and share content relating to the topics that interest them.

UUKI helps creators build online communities for Web3 enthusiasts who may be interested in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, educational courses, and products.

You can also make money by selling premium content via one-time payments or subscriptions to paid sites.

The platform allows sellers to show their original digital items that were created using a different platform. It also lets them have an exclusive community made up of trusted members.

Let’s not forget that you could also start your own NFTs collectibles business in the form of digital artworks. Then you’re surely building an online community for dedicated audiences. 

You can completely change the way your pages look by changing their subdomain, font styles, and colors.

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Reward top contributors with gamified elements like leaderboards and ranks!

Build a community and share your interests, but ultimately respect other people’s boundaries.

Get lifetime access to UUKI today!

UUKI features

Using IJUKI, you can build a relationship with your brand content and discussions by publishing the most valuable pieces of information that you think will best push you to the next level!

uuki lifetime deal

In this article, I’ll give you a rundown of three main features of IJUKI;

UUKI lifetime access

Build Community

Use IJUKI to improve your brand’s relationship with your audience, allowing them to build a closer bond through insight into your brand’s content and discussions surrounding that content.

Mobile friendly

If you look at most modern audiences, they are smartphone users, so designing a responsive platform is vital for making functionality simple for all users. 

Events host

UUKI is the perfect tool for event planners who want to hold their event to be a success. Using UUKI, you can create an attractive profile page for your event and invite people from your network on LinkedIn to attend. 

Once they register, you’ll have access to their data, such as their email address, so you can send them updates straight from your LinkedIn account itself. You can also sell tickets for your events through UUKI.

Easily set up a community platform.

You can turn uuki into uuki, no problem! Uuki provides flexible, white-labeled, and supports different use-cases.


Add a community to your course hosted on an LMS or any course platform to help your students learn from each other and have direct interaction with you. The students are engaging in social learning – they’re collaborating, communicating, and interacting with each other both within the classroom and with you.

NFT or Crypto 

Provide your users with a good, dedicated home to feel unified across all of the different applications that use NFTs. Customers, app developers, and token holders alike will appreciate this as a means to interact directly with your team about upcoming projects you’re working on.


If your customers are going to thrive with your product, then they need enough space in terms of information and resources. You need to give them the right kind of online environment to reliably ask you questions and experience exactly what your company promises.


uuki lifetime deal

UUKI offers the ability to host and create a community that is paid/premium with the ability to charge for digital goods.

UUKI lifetime access


Build an engaged community with our help. Easily set up UUKI on your website within a couple of hours and start getting traffic to your site soon afterward!

Influencer communities

Already have a community? Moving to UUKI and using our white label solution will give you the chance to build your relationship with them directly.

UUki price on – appsumo

UUki has 3 plan options!

Prices for UUki depend on the size and type of plan chosen 

  1. The first plan is called “Starter,” and it has the price of $19/monthly
  • 1 community
  • Storage 5 Gb
  • Transaction Fees 8%
  • Spaces 10
  • Direct Messaging 
  • Member profiles & directory
  • Group Chat
  • In-app Notification
  1. The second plan is called “Pro,” and it has the price of $79.00/Monthly 
  • Including all Starter plan
  • Remove branding
  • Automatic Moderation
  • Custom Scripts
  • Facebook SSO
  • Google SSO
  • Priority Emal Support
  • WordPress SSO
  1. The third plan is called “Advance,” and it has the price of $249.00/monthly
  • Including all starter and pro plan
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Sender email customization
  • Custom SSO
  • Custom OAuthy
  • White-label PWA
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Advanced analytics and moderation

UUki lifetime deal –Appsumo

appsumo lifetime deal

No matter where you are, UUKI makes sure that you can connect with your community and keep the conversation going.

Get lifetime access to UUKI

One Time Purchase of $79 $948.00

  • Lifetime access to UUKI
  • Unlimited members and storage
  • Unlimited public spaces
  • Moderation and reporting
  • 3 total moderators and/or admins
  • 1 CNAME per community
  • Remove branding

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UUKI lifetime access
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  • Discount valid for new users only. 

In conclusion, UUKI is a great platform for users who want to engage in insightful discussions and share content. I highly recommend giving it a try!

UUKI lifetime access
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