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Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal [$59] – Monitor realtime from all around the world

Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal
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Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal

Robot.alp is a website monitoring suite that notifies users of any issues as soon as they occur. This suite includes uptime, page speed, and safe browsing indicators, which are monitored 24/7. If any of these indicators are not up to par, Robot.alp will send you an email notification to let you know.

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What is Robot.alp?

Robot.alp is a real-time monitoring system that serves as a central alert point for any changes or glitches that might affect your site’s performance and integrity, like uptime, page speed, and safeness.

Monitor from wherever you are in the world! Seen something that looks out of place? Simply give it a shout, and Robot.alp care of it for you.

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The key Features of Robot.alp

Let Robot.alp run in the cloud and do all the hard work! Robot.alp is built to make your life easier and help you focus on more important aspects of running your online business, such as other activities that bring you more monetary returns or overall growth.

Website Monitoring: Your website must be as fast and reliable as possible. This is where Robot.alp tool comes into play! robot.alp acts like a watchful eye, constantly checking if all server processes and other resources are in working order at any given time of day.

If it finds anything wrong, downtime on your website will inform you about it immediately. Plus, after a deeper investigation, you’ll get a detailed report about the issue and the exact time when it occurred!

Port monitoring: Robot.alp robots serve as helpful reminders that let you know if certain conditions are present. They monitor ports and alert you by automated notifications only when conditions previously defined are met.

Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal

Robot.alp Lifetime Access

API monitoring: This monitor type is designed to work with your custom values and parameters. You should use an endpoint on your API that responds with the JSON format to program for it. Then you can use the modulo borrowing logical customer to check parameters.

SSL certificate monitoring: Don’t lose your visitors to security threats. Use SSL monitoring and get automatic alerts from Comodo Multi-Domain before your site goes offline due to a free trial expiry, so you can easily renew the certificate with just a couple of clicks!

Keyword monitoring: Robot.alp robots continuously check whether the keywords you supply are present on pages or not. For each keyword, “keyword monitoring” will notify you whether the particular terms appear on web pages that have been crawled by Robot.alp, or if they don’t.

DNS monitoring: Don’t lose customer confidence! Use customers’ feedback to help you: continue creating your best work and never forget what matters most at any given moment. Monitor Domain Name System (DNS) records to get instant notifications whenever a DNS server address changes and become immediately aware if your domain is redirected, no matter where it is in the world – allowing you time to act quickly before your site goes offline.

SafeBrowsing monitoring: Google Safe Browsing alerts users about unsafe sites that were found to contain malicious webpages. These red flags include Advertising, Malware, or illegal download links. You can sign into Google Search Console account and request removal or opt-out of advertisement for your website.

Page speed monitoring: Google PageSpeed Insights provides real-world performance metrics and suggestions to webmasters around the world on how they can improve their website’s mobile and desktop page speeds. With PageSpeed, you’re able to track your score globally and among competitors across every vertical of the industry – whether it’s technology, travel, fashion, or any other industry. And when your page load speed is low – you’ll get email alerts immediately letting you know what needs to be done to enhance performance standards. Of course, this kind of insight from Google PageSpeed is vital if you’re looking for SEO success during a time when people have grown accustomed to immediate information at the click of a finger!

Get notifications: Downtime happens, but you won’t have to guess. Robot.alp team will let you know when your services are not up and running and provide notifications that support Telegram, Slack, Discord, Zapier, Webhooks, Email, and text messages.

Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal

User-friendly dashboard: Robot.alp has a very easy and simple control panel. It allows you to easily view all of the incidents that Robot.alp detects and logs.

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Robot.alp pricing and plan

Robot.alp has four simple plans: Starter, Premium, Pro, Business. 

What kind do you need? Choose your best plan! 

Starter plan $9.00/per month

  • 10 monitors
  • 2 status page
  • 1 organization
  • 2 users
  • 500 Email
  • 100 SMS

Premium plan $36.00/per month

  • 50 monitors
  • 10 status pages
  • 5 organizations
  • 10 users
  • 2.500 Email
  • 500 SMS

Pro plan $63.00/per month

  • 100 monitors
  • 20 status pages
  • 10 organizations
  • 20 users
  • 5.000 Email
  • 1.000 SMS

Business plan $135.00/per month

  • 250 monitors
  • 50 status pages
  • 25 organizations
  • 50 users
  • 12.500 Email
  • 2.500 SMS

Robot.alp Lifetime Access

Why should you purchase?

There are many different monitoring services on the market. What makes Robot.alp special?

When you do the construction or manage an important ad campaign, downtime is never the best of times as soon as you perform it.alp makes sure you hear about it.

Your clients and website visitors value a website that is always accessible. Downtime will send people away, and you aren’t likely to see them again.

See the issues before your clients or bosses do.

Robot.alp Lifetime Access

Make your life easier and less stressful.

The Robot.alp functions do not require any software or updates to be installed or maintained.

If you have online businesses, developers, or network admins that want to address site issues as soon as possible and keep a strong brand presence by minimizing downtime.

Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal only $59.00

Robot.alp constantly monitors your site from geolocations all around the world. It immediately notifies you if anything fails to work properly, so you can fix it right away and get right back to doing more interesting things.

appsumo lifetime deal

Get Robot.alp appsumo lifetime deal one-time purchase of $59.00 $630

Robot.alp Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime access to Robot.alp
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • DNS monitoring
  • Safe Browsing monitoring
  • Page speed monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • 5 organizations
  • 10 users
  • 100 monitors
  • 5 status pages
  • 2,500 emails per month
  • 500 SMS per month(USA & Canada only)

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Robot.alp Lifetime Access

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In conclusion

Robot.alp is a great site monitoring suite that immediately unifies you of any issues. It is an invaluable tool for keeping your website running smoothly and safely. I highly recommend using Robot.alp for all your site monitoring needs.

Robot.alp Lifetime Access

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