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Draxlr lifetime deal [$59] – Platform to analyze and monitor your data

Draxlr lifetime deal
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Draxlr lifetime deal

Draxlr is a data analytics tool that helps you, deep dive into SQL data insights as you scale all without coding. This is an essential tool for any business with a large data footprint. Draxlr makes it easy to understand your data, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Get Draxlr lifetime deal access on appsumo today, this offer in a short time so don’t miss this offer.

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What is Draxlr?

Draxlr Lifetime Access

Draxlr is an analytics tool for working with your database directly through the browser. As you scale, this software helps you discover valuable insights by digging into your SQL data rather than coding.

Draxler helps you organize and get a clear picture of your company data by providing intuitive and fully customized visualizations, in-depth analysis, collaboration, and communication tools, to share with whoever you want.

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Draxlr features 

Query builder: Whatever you need to know from your data, the query builder is up for it. It stacks five powerful tools that give you access to in-depth information right away. The visual query tools work intuitively, so you can easily get the answers you’re after.

Draxlr Lifetime Access

You don’t need to be a tech expert in using Draxlr query Builder. Build queries with visual options – Filter, Join, Sort, Summarize, and Group By. Query Builder reflects the simple nature of using analytics in Draxlr’s marketplace.

Build once and use forever: Your data may change, but your queries will always stay the same. Eventually, if you’ve ever built a query before, you’ll know that it’s a piece of cake to build on top of the one you already have. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be pounding that keyboard anymore because many other people are more capable and ready to take this content off your plate.

The multifaceted saving feature: Saved queries has multiple uses, with no limitations on the number of saves. This feature can pull up your search data for further analyses, build dashboards, and update an existing query. Saved Queries are the key to reusing your query.

Turning tabular data: It’s the numbers and letters involved in your thoughts and the visuals that reveal them for you. Graphs & Charts will enable you to glean insights from your data and quickly spot trends and outliers.

Data monitoring center: You will find all your data monitoring solutions on the dashboards. Build vital queries that summarize your business, visualize them, and add them to a dashboard. Visit the dashboards to get an overview of your business at any time.

Sharing should be quick & easy: Easily share your images with others directly from your Dashboard—in simple steps. To publish to social sites such as Twitter or Facebook, click Embed, copy the code it gives you, then paste it into the site where you want to display your image. If you instead want to send a link by Email, just enter the recipient’s email address and write whatever message you like.

Export data to CSV & Excel: Draxlr has the function of exporting your data in CSV and Excel files. The queries you build can be saved in CSV files or Excel spreadsheets. With Draxlr, you don’t just view the outputted data but also view the query itself.

Instantly export your data: Exporting your data from data query results on Draxlr is stunningly easy: just click the button “Export Data” that appears at the bottom of all results. Click it whenever you need to export everything that your data query has.

Never miss a data change: Draxlr alerts you whenever an element has changed on your Dashboard. It also provides a screenshot of the change, so you’re fully informed and never miss a thing!

Draxlr lifetime deal

Draxlr Lifetime Access

Invite team members on Draxlr: Allow multiple users access to your Draxlr account. Establish the level of authority each user has, controlling their permissions to make sure you can limit access when necessary. Make it easy for everyone on your team to view data without compromising your privacy.

Draxlr pricing and plan

Draxlr has four simple plans: Free, Pro, Premium, Custom.

What kind do you need? Choose your best plan! 

Free plan $0.00

  • 1 Database
  • 5 tables
  • Unlimited Saved Queries
  • 5 Export limit
  • 1 Dashboard Elements
  • 24 hours Dashboard Refresh Rate
  • Alerts and Notifications

Pro plans $29.00/per month

  • 1 Database
  • Unlimited tables
  • Unlimited Saved Queries
  • 1000 Export limit
  • 10 Invite Limit
  • 10 Dashboard Elements
  • 6 hours Dashboard Refresh Rate
  • Alerts and Notifications

Premium plans $99.00/per month

  • 2 Database
  • Unlimited tables
  • Unlimited Saved Queries
  • 100K Export limit
  • Unlimited Invite Limit
  • 100 Dashboard Elements
  • 1-hour Dashboard Refresh Rate
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Dedicated Setup and Support

For custom plans see details.

Why should you purchase?

Best for Website owners and analytics teams that want a convenient way to access and manage deeper customer insights, this tool provides an intuitive platform with various features, including custom dashboarding, automated analysis, and predictive modeling. It also integrates with other marketing technologies, making it easy to get the most out of customer data.

The Draxlr appsumo lifetime deal only $59.00

Draxlr offers intuitive tools that make it easy to get insights into your data without coding skills or a dedicated team of experts.

appsumo lifetime deal

Draxlr Lifetime Access

Get Draxlr appsumo lifetime deal One Time Purchase of $59.00 $348.00

  • Lifetime access to Draxlr
  • All future Premium Plan updates
  • Data change alerts
  • Multifaceted saving feature
  • Build once and use forever
  • 1 database(s)
  • 4-hour dashboard refresh rate
  • 10 dashboard elements
  • 10 dashboard groups
  • 10,000-export limit
  • Unlimited tables
  • Unlimited invite limit

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Draxlr Lifetime Access

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In conclusion, 

Draxlr is a data analytics tool that can help you, deep dive into SQL data insights as you scale all without coding. This can be extremely helpful in improving your business operations and making better decisions. If you are looking for a powerful tool to help you analyze your data, then Draxlr is worth considering.

Draxlr Lifetime Access

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