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Pencil Appsumo Lifetime deal [$59] – Automatically generate static and video ads

Pencil appsumo lifetime deal
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 Advertising is a costly affair, so it is important that you create the right kind of ads that your target audience will find engaging. When you are creating ads for your eCommerce business, you need to make sure that you are creating ads that will engage your customers and get them to purchase your product. This blog will talk about using Pencil to create ads for your eCommerce business. Get a Pencil Appsumo lifetime deal.

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What is a Pencil?

Pencil is an AI platform that lets you generate successful eCommerce ads from your existing branding, assets, and ad account data. The pencil uses an algorithm that takes into account factors like search engine popularity, competition, and consumer behavior to create ads that are likely to be successful. Pencil also offers reporting tools that let you track the results of your ads over time.

Pencil appsumo lifetime deal


  • Automatically create static and video ads from the branding and materials you have.
  • Use the knowledge of previous performance gained from your compilation of advertising data to make predictions about which advertisements will perform best.
  • Alternative to: Canva
  • Ecommerce growth marketers and performance agencies seeking to test more creatives for ads are likely to get more effectiveness from their campaigns when using this service.

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The Pencil overview

The Pencil is an artificial intelligence platform that lets you successfully generate eye-catching eCommerce ads from your existing visuals, data, and ad account. Pencil automates the process of creating visual advertisement materials in all their formats, allowing you to enter your brand profile (generally, a logo) and target customers, as well as upload your brand’s assets, logo files, fonts, and color codes.

You will have the capability to gather the targeting metrics, purpose, objective, and brand assets of your ad campaigns so you can turn them into dynamic and static adverts. In addition, you can download both the static and video ads into your system in about three minutes to begin your advertising campaign. It is easy to edit dynamic and static ads, so you can use your creativity to enhance your campaigns if your design skills are not particularly strong.

The user-friendly Pencil dashboard lets you choose an element and easily make modifications in real-time. You are able to edit the product, swap other photos, tweak individual instances, combine sizes, and alter the design of the ads. Armed with data-driven algorithms, Pencil’s growth team can perform high-volume creative testing across marketing campaigns.

Click edit on all static and video ads until they’re absolutely perfect right from Pencil’s intuitive dashboard. You can also connect Pencil to your ad account and generate creative briefs intended to perform well based entirely on your unique information.

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How does AI generate ad creativity?

Pencil appsumo lifetime deal

Pencel Lifetime deal

Just input your brand and attributes, then give the Pencil app a theme. This will provide copy, edit video and generate finished advertising concepts in one minute.

Get new ad creatives.

Rather than waiting weeks for work, wait impatiently for overworked human creators or let Pencil automate the process for you.

How to work Pencil?

Follow these steps with Artificial Intelligence to generate advertising ideas.

1. Connect your ad account

Connect Pencil to your ad accounts in 1 click. We use this to show you insights and even train your predictive model!

2. Confirm your branding

Tell Pencil your business’s services and who your clients are. Then upload your logo design, font files, and hexadecimal color codes. If desired, select a music playlist, button styles, and graphics.

3. Upload your image and video

Tease your library of image and video assets. Pencil accepts shoot packshot images, lifestyle images, brand product videos (up to 10 minutes each), and UGC videos (up to 10 minutes each).

4. Choose your outcome, topic, and offer

You can make some ads now! Pick a task and measurement for your ads. Optionally, include the topic of the ad to put into the advertisement and any offers you have live.

5. Choose your product and generate a batch of ads.

Tell Pencil which of the ads that you want to make and also which associated products you want for them. Then click “generate.” Created in a new batch are static and video ads in all formats, 2-3 minutes later.

Pencil pricing plans

Pencil appsumo lifetime deal

Pencel Lifetime deal

Three pricing plans offer a pencil: Do it myself, Do it for me, and Enterprise.

Do it myself $250/month

  • Export 50 ads/month
  • $5 for additional exports
  • One brand workspace
  • Generate unlimited ads
  • Insights & predictions
  • Launch, test & replace ads
  • Assisted onboarding
  • Email & video support

Do it for me $750/month

  • Including all “Do it myself” plans
  • Unlimited exports
  • 1 batch of 4 ad ideas weekly from your Creative Assistant based on your website & data
  • One brief at a time to your Creative Assistant, 24 hour delivery of 4 ad ideas
  • Slack/e-mail communication with your Creative Assistant

Custom plans 

  • Including the “Do It For Me” plan, plus:
  • Unlimited brand workspaces
  • Unlimited briefs at a time
  • Unlimited export
  • Unlimited users
  • Import After Effects templates
  • Custom ad creative and performance services
  • Procurement friendly
  • Enterprise friendly
  • Dedicated account manager

Click here for a custom plan or Pencil Appsumo lifetime deal.

Appsumo lifetime deal

Pencil Appsumo lifetime deal One-time payment of $59

A lot of trial and error is involved in creating eye-catching digital ads, but artificial intelligence (AI) can help. With Pencil, you can quickly produce static and video ads that will be predicted to do well based on the unique data you provide.

Appsumo pricing below:

License Tier 1

$ 59 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Export 10 total ads per month
  • 1 brand workspace
  • Insights and predictions

License Tier 2

$ 119 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Export 50 total ads per month
  • 1 brand workspace
  • Insights and predictions

License Tier 3

$ 199 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Export 100 total ads per month
  • Unlimited brand workspaces
  • Insights and predictions

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Pencel Lifetime deal

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Final thought

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a beginner, Pencil’s AI-driven technology is designed to work for you, helping you create more effective ads faster and with less effort than before. Pencil can’t wait to hear how you take advantage of this powerful new tool! We’ll leave you with this fun fact: The Pencil AI was trained by millions of real-world ads, so it understands the nuances of every industry, from travel and finance to retail and real estate.

Pencel Lifetime deal

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