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Orai Appsumo lifetime deal [$59] – Improve your public speaking

Orai Appsumo lifetime deal
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Public speaking can be a daunting task for even the most capable leaders. Fear of public speaking can make you hesitant to share your valuable ideas with all your stakeholders. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome your public speaking anxiety and present effectively. Today I’m going to talk about Orai tools. Orai is a perfect public speaking improvement tool. Why be late? Get Orai Appsumo lifetime deal.

Here are a few tips: 

Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the better you’ll get. The key is to find an event that’s comfortable for you and that mirrors your real-life presentations.

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What is Orai? 

Orai is a public speaking app that helps you improve your speech with mini-lessons and AI-driven feedback. The app provides voice recognition technology and a library of mini-lessons to help you improve your speaking skills. In addition, the app provides feedback to help you correct your mistakes. Orai has a community forum where users can share tips and advice.


  • Use short video lessons, available on iOS, Android, and the web, to practice memorizing and oral communication skills.
  • Individualized lesson plans can be-designed to improve certain speaking skills, detect speech habits, and visualize AI feedback.
  • Alternative to: LikeSo, VoiceVibes, Astound, and Toastmasters
  • Consultants, educators, and managers will benefit from these lessons.

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Orai overview

Orai offers bite-sized lessons that help you improve your speaking skills, communication skills, and workplace performance in as little as four weeks. You will have the opportunity to deliver a portion of your speech into the microphone in order to listen to real-time feedback. Orai has its very own mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can use it wherever you go and practice your public speaking exercises.

Orai is a ai consultant that provides you with multiple ways to practice, whether you want to read from a script, write your own script, or wing it. You’ll be able to prepare presentations, introductions, and job interviews. As you unlock more lessons, you’ll learn public speaking techniques that make a good impression, such as storytelling, confidence, and succinctness.

Become a better public speaker by studying new techniques with Orai s bite-size lessons and exercises.

Orai Appsumo lifetime deal

Orai Lifetime deal

Learning about pacing, intensity, and filler words using AI is made easy with the assistance of any kind of recording.

As you practice, track your progress to discover speech habits you want to improve.

Using Orai to Improve your public speaking and active online communities then you become a public motivational speakers.

For ambitious professionals who want to


Orai, an artificial intelligence-based program, assists you in revising your presentation and using it to gain feedback on your weak spots.

Improve Your Oratory Skills

Spend 5 minutes a day improving your speaking abilities. Practice your presentations and talks in private with no hesitation.

Move Up Your Career Ladder

A study by LinkedIn revealed that the most wanted soft skill by employers is communication. Your advancement largely depends on your verbal skills.

Track Your Progress

Orai will adapt to your skill level and suggest step-by-step lessons as you progress. You will begin to see improvements in your speech, confidence, clarity, rate, and filler words.

Highly Successful Speakers Use Orai

Nancy Duarte:

Nancy Duarte is a renowned speaker whose works have appeared in Fortune, Time Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, LA Times, and on CNN. Duarte, Inc. is an industry leader in the creation of many influential visual messages in commerce and culture.

Stanley Ridgley:

Associate Clinical Professor of Management at LeBow College of Business and Principal of Business School Programs is an associate clinical professor of management at LeBow College of Business.

Kit Pang:

Kit Pang is the founder of BostonSpeaks and a Harvard Business School public speaking jurnal coach. His mission is to help professionals become extraordinary speakers that captivate and engage audiences.

Develop your public speaking skills right now. Why miss this Orai offer, get an Orai Appsumo lifetime deal.

Orai pricing plans

Orai Appsumo lifetime deal

Orai has 3 pricing plan offerings: Free, Pro and Enterprise.

Free plans

  • Orai iOS / Android Mobile App
  • Basic Lessons
  • Practice Mode
  • Multi-accent Support

Pro plans $10/month

  • Orai iOS / Android Mobile App
  • Basic Lessons
  • Practice Mode
  • Multi-accent Support
  • Results Sharing

Enterprise plans or custom offer Click here

  • Orai iOS / Android Mobile App
  • Basic Lessons
  • Practice Mode
  • Multi-accent Support
  • Results Sharing
  • 4-Week Custom Training Program*
  • Team Analytics
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Secure SSO Login

Why should you buy Orai?

Orai goes out of its way to ensure each client has the best overall experience it can while working to improve their communication skills.

Data secure: Orai takes security seriously. Orai combines industry-leading security procedures with comprehensive security assessments to keep your data safe.

24/7 support: Orai regularly takes steps to respond to issues from all Orai users within the shortest possible time frame.

Orai Appsumo lifetime deal One-time payment of $59

Appsumo lifetime deal

Orai’s AI-powered app is packed with easy-to-digest lessons and exercises, which can be used to quickly improve your public speaking skills and share your ideas with confidence.

Get Orai Appsumo lifetime deal

License Tier 1

$ 59 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 1 seat(s)

License Tier 2

$ 109 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 3 seat(s)
  • Lessons library

License Tier 3

$ 179 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 10 seat(s)
  • Lessons library

Why purchase the Appsumo lifetime deal

A lifetime deal is a great way to get the most out of your purchase. Not only will you receive the product at a discounted price, but you’ll also be ensured that you’ll always have it available for use. This means that you can save money on your purchase every time, and there’s no need to worry about whether or not the product will be available in the future. 

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Final thought

Orai is a great tool for improving your speech. It provides mini-lessons and AI-driven feedback to help you improve your delivery. If you’re looking to improve your public speaking skills, Orai is a great option.

Orai Lifetime deal

Note: If you’re looking to purchase a product from the Appumo, most of the time, the lifetime deal offer will be out of stock within a week. Get Orai Appsumo lifetime deal. Grab it now if you need it.

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