LinkTube Lifetime Deal [$49]- Create a smartpage portfolio that hosts unlimited links

LinkTube Lifetime deal
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Hello, my valued readers! Today’s article reviews the “LinkTube Lifetime Deal.” I always try to inform you about unique features on the deal page for this specific matter to that of my article. If you feel my article will be useful, you will purchase LinkTube. Let’s go ahead and get the LinkTube lifetime deal on Appsumo started now.

Technology to drive traffic is constantly changing, and it’s important to stay current. LinkTube helps you do just that with your links. LinkTube is a simple way to drive traffic back to your website by collecting all your links in one place, adding a description, and tracking everything from your phone.

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What is LinkTube?

LinkTube is a new app that lets you create a smart page to house all of your links and track their performance right from your mobile phone. You can add text, images, and videos to your page, and LinkTube will automatically analyze the links and generate statistics about traffic and engagement. You can also use LinkTube to manage your links in one place, import links from other sources, and export your data as a CSV file.

Meet LinkTube lifetime deal on Appsumo.

One Link To Unlock Limitless Possibilities

LinkTube is wonderfully constructed to provide you with a single URL that creates visibility for the many links of your blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, products, and services, along with all social media handles.

Instagram Bio, Start Winning Free Traffic

LinkTube Builder makes Instagram bio link traffic easy to manage by allowing you to display captivating landing pages to select where you want to send the freebie Instagram bio link traffic you’re getting.

Build Online Portfolio

LinkTube is the best way to promote your business and get online. Drag & drop enables you to create code-free portfolio landing web pages to engage with your audience in the most beautiful way. In a minute, begin with conversion-optimized, mobile-friendly themes for free of cost advertisement of your content, products, or services. Insert as many links in one place, and target audience engagement like never before!

LinkTube Lifetime deal

Give A New Home To Your Online Content

  • Connect Audience Anywhere
  • SuperCharge Instagram Bio
  • Be Discoverable
  • Easy Third-Party Integration
  • Fully Customization
  • Complete Control

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LinkTube all features

Button, Tile, Card: Guide users to the linked page or the money page, display a custom button graphic, or choose the right CTR to increase the size of the image.


Custom Theme: Themes can give an impressive look to your page. Check you can apply outstanding themes with intriguing animations. Check you can change theme appearances in a minute and quickly.

LinkTube Lifetime deal

Schedule / Countdown: CheckAdd any form of the countdown at the top of any given schedule hyperlink to view additional clicks. This offers ExtraMo and Scarcity and results in great CTR. Add Customized CTA, using your own colors.

Product With Price Tag: To increase sales, display items to increase sales. In the Carousel form, add multiple products to expose them to more customers. Display the price of a custom product over the image of the product.

Analytics / Tracked Clicks: Meaningful insights and data are becoming more crucial for taking perfect actions. checkLinkTube tracks every step and every impression and measures clicks. So you will know which content performs better.

Unlimited Ads Pixel: Converts better than remarketing ads. And we understand that Linktube is concerned about the concerns of your remarketing audience checkLinkTube permits you to add some remarketing pixels from all the popular ad networks that help you build an audience for remarketing. Check that every person who clicks on your Smart page is added to your Audie’s audience.

LinkTube Lifetime deal

Meet LinkTube lifetime deal on Appsumo.

LinkTube lifetime deal overall performance

LinkTube is the easiest way to create a smart page that hosts all of your links. You do not even have to be technically minded in order to do this! Instead, LinkTube lets its users insert user-friendly links into placeholders that allow for simple editing within a super user-friendly and convenient platform.

LinkTube allows you to track and measure the performance of all of your links, enabling you to gain greater insights into what sorts of content others are interacting with on a daily basis, as well as which specific links are working best for your projects, customers and prospects.

You’ll be able to edit your smart pages from your phone, so you can ditch your laptop and work on the go. LinkTube even has an easy-to-use user interface (UI), which lets you organize content like buttons, tiles, and cards. You can even display products with prices on the carousel to show off more of your storefront and boost sales.

LinkTube lets you fully customize your CTAs, so you can fine-tune every aspect of your smart page to ensure you get the maximum outcome. Select from stunning animated GIFs and countdown timers to make sure your customers can learn new skills from your smart page.

Watch The Powerful Demo

The dynamic feed feature in the Control Panel automatically updates links with a single click. Visitors can add LinkTube links to pages created in Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify. The option also provides abundant third-party integrations, including Zapier with popular tools like Mailchimp and Google Sheets.

How does LinkTube work?

LinkTube Work four simple steps. Let’s see how to work LinkTube:

1st step, SignUp To LinkTube And Create Your First Smart page.

2nd step, Add All Your Social handles, Messengers, videos, and Content links.

3rd step, Place the Smart page link in your Instagram bio and everywhere.

The last 4 Step is, Measure the Analytics of your smart page, Also Add Remarketing Pixels.

LinkTube Lifetime access

The LinkTube pricing plan

The LinkTube offers four pricing plans: Lite, Pro, Premium, and agency

Lite Plan $9/month

  • 1 Smart Page 
  • 1 Projects & Teams 
  • Unlimited button
  • Background Image 
  • Dynamic Feed 
  • 5 Premium themes
  • Five products
  • Remove LinkTube Branding
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Mailchimp + Google Sheet integration
  • FB + GA Tracking Pixels
  • 50k Tracked Clicks

Pro plan $19/month

  • 5 Smart Pages 
  • 2 Projects & Teams 
  • Unlimited button
  • Background Image 
  • Dynamic Feed 
  • 10 Premium themes
  • 15 products
  • Remove LinkTube Branding
  • 2 Custom Domain
  • Mailchimp + Google Sheet integration
  • FB + GA Tracking Pixels
  • 100k Tracked Clicks

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LinkTube Lifetime deal on Appsumo $49

LinkTube allows you to build one shareable URL that summarizes your offerings and tracks analytics right off the app on your smartphone. Lend a united touch to your online content by creating one link.

Appsumo pricing below:


$ 49 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 5 smart pages
  • 2 projects and teams
  • 50 tiles (cards)
  • 25 videos
  • 15 products
  • 10 premium feeds
  • 2 custom domains (one per project)
  • 2 team members (per project)
  • 5 link priority animations (per project)
  • 100K tracked clicks


$ 98 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 250 smart pages
  • 10 projects and teams
  • 500 tiles (cards)
  • 500 videos
  • Unlimited products
  • 20 premium feeds
  • 10 custom domains (one per project)
  • 10 team members (per project)
  • 10 link priority animations (per project)
  • 1M tracked clicks


$ 147 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 500 smart pages
  • 20 projects and teams
  • 750 tiles (cards)
  • 750 videos
  • Unlimited products
  • 50 premium feeds
  • 20 custom domains (one per project)
  • 25 team members (per project)
  • 50 link priority animations (per project)
  • 1.5M tracked clicks

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Final thought

LinkTube lets you quickly and easily build a smart page to house all your links and track their performance right from your mobile phone. This makes linking to your content easy and efficient, no matter where you are. So if you’re looking for a way to organize and track your online presence, LinkTube is definitely the app for you.

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