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Calido appsumo lifetime deal [$69] – The intelligent product management platform

Calido appsumo lifetime deal
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Calido appsumo lifetime deal

Product management has always been a complex and time-consuming process. With so much on the line, it’s no wonder that many organizations struggle to get products to market on time and within budget. Calido is a product management platform that aims to simplify this process by automating product development with intelligent roadmaps. Custom shared views and an open data model. Calido makes it easy for product managers to plan and track their products from beginning to end through its intuitive interface. Get Calido appsumo lifetime deal, this offer is limited time so don’t miss this offer.

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What is Calido?

Calido is a platform that helps you create successful products. It lets you easily document and share your product’s history, present state, and future direction. It also comes with the ability to customize each of your product’s views (roadmap, backlog, calendar) and make them available to the people who matter on a global level through its web app or API.

Get Calido appsumo lifetime deal, this offer is limited time so don’t miss this offer.

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Calido offers huge features

Customize workflows to meet the needs of a business with specialized templates, including OKRs, user personas, and roadmaps.

➣All in one place

If required, if your feature, idea, request, research, follow-up, feedback, or escalation requires several sources of information, you can integrate all of these into a single storage location. You can also categorize, group, sort, and filter to group and classify data by the trends it can assist. Apply custom objects or record types as needed.

Calido Lifetime Access

➣Replace your disjointed tools

Suppose you’re using smartsheets, Calido, a product management tool, a wiki to document requirements, OneNote to document notes, Task Monitor, a product of Microsoft, to manage your tasks, Excel, and other tools to help with your job. In that case, you agree with them for your process to work.

➣Back your decisions: 

Use a flexible spreadsheet to link features and strategic initiatives, goals, user personas, marquee customers, ideas, feedback, sales requests, escalations, or any number of records that take you beyond the what. Arm yourself with who asked for it, why, and how it maps your strategy by relating tables.

➣Product launch

Some stakeholders would like to know more about the details, while others care more about the high-level information. Use saved views to customize your stakeholders’ communications, and build custom saved views to share with your stakeholders to help them manage their communications. Use filters, sorting, grouping, and drill-ins to obtain data which can then be filtered, sorted, grouped, and drilled into.

➣Strategic drivers

Link to strategic initiatives, goals, or any business driver you track by creating custom fields on the fly. Sort, group, and filter your data using standard and ad-hoc fields to identify features that support your strategy and identify important features to your business.

Get Calido appsumo lifetime deal, this offer is limited time so don’t miss this offer.

Calido appsumo lifetime deal

Calido Lifetime Access

➣Prioritization scores

Focus on the features with the highest strategic importance, apply a custom weighted score to formulate a custom formula, then utilize multi-sorting and filtering filters to generate your magic list of what features to work on next.

➣Custom views

Organize your roadmap by importance, strategic benefit, or other factors for prioritizing how your roadmap should be put to develop and execute. Drag and drop options between different buckets to reflect what needs to be prioritized. Then choose to maximize your focus on high-value low-effort items.

➣Track everything

Track the status of necessary tasks to build, release, or launch your product. Track either a simple field within your roadmap or a related field to another full record in another list with detailed information. For example, you can track design progress as a drop-down field, but the launch plan is a related record that takes you to the full launch milestone or task for full detail.

➣User personas

To be truly successful, you need to keep your target audience’s needs and desires. Doing this helps you access the best opportunities for growth for both you and your users. When it comes to features, focus on the features that will directly appeal to your audience. Pay attention to how they perceive each feature and whether or not they’re finding it appealing.

➣Competitive analysis

Not sure how you measure up against your competitors? The app provides an easy snapshot of features built by you and competitors, with ratings based on user experience and feedback. See which features you can improve upon to help build a superior product. With Slack integration, rated features are updated periodically based on user feedback – making it easy to identify a need for improvement or persistent gaps in feature coverage.

➣Release planning is done right now.

Make sure everything you need to create your products is transparent and accessible. Make sure nothing gets overlooked or missed, even if it’s a simple customer feedback card. There’sThere’s no limit when it comes to the degree of organization a product manager can put into their work, and for a good reason. The organized team always wins!

➣Smart status tracking

Whether you are using Kanban, SAFe, Scrum, or any other framework, you ought to always ensure that progress is measured and managed as it is being made. Jira gives product managers the chance to adjust the status of their projects based on how well each stage of a process goes on to provide a more accurate update when presenting the project.

The Calido pricing & plans

Calido appsumo lifetime deal

Calido Lifetime Access

Calido has simple three pricing plans: Starter, Business, Enterprise

Starter plans $49/m

Create, collaborate on, and share live custom roadmaps.

  • One workspace
  • 1 product
  • Ten contributors
  • 50 viewers

Business plans $99/m

Feature priorities can attract stakeholders to discuss user feedback with the recommendations for your campaign.

  • Three workspaces
  • Five products
  • 100 contributors
  • 500 viewers

 Enterprise $199/m

The strategy and customer feedback are aligned with the roadmap. Evidence-based product management requires this.

  • Ten workspaces
  • 20 products
  • Unlimited contributors
  • Unlimited viewers

Calido review

I’ve been using Calido for the past few months, and I have to say that it’s been a great experience. The platform makes product management easy, and the roadmaps are helpful. The shared views are also great, it’s really easy to see what everyone is working on, and it’s easy to make changes. Overall, I’m really happy with Calido, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a product management platform.

Why Should You Buy Calido?

If you’re a project manager, or work for a startup looking to track your product development from beginning to end, then Time Camp is a tool you may want to consider using. It’sIt’s designed to speed up the process and can help relieve some of the pressure from handling all the different aspects of productivity towards creating your final deliverables by hand.

If you are an action taker, you may want to consider getting an Inventory Source appsumo lifetime deal. The deal costs only $69 for a one-time payment.

Appsumo lifetime deal

Calido Lifetime Access

Calido appsumo lifetime deal $59.00

With Calido, you can use flexible intelligence to create trackers, dashboards, and ready-made templates for tasks and projects.

Get Calido lifetime deal on appsumo one-time purchase of $59 $1176.00

  • Lifetime access to Calido
  • All future Enterprise Plan updates
  • All features above included
  • 5 team members
  • Five workspaces
  • Five products
  • 25 contributors
  • Unlimited viewers

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Calido Lifetime Access

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Final thought

Calido is a great product management platform that simplifies product development with intelligent roadmaps. Custom shared views and an open data model. It’s perfect for companies who want to improve their product development process while maintaining transparency and communication. If you’re looking for a tool to help you manage your product development process, Calido is worth considering.

Calido Lifetime Access

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