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Wp adminify appsumo lifetime deal [$59] – Customize your WordPress dashboard and login page

Wp Adminify appsumo lifetime deal
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WordPress is a great platform, but it can get a little bland and boring looking. WP Adminify is a plugin that lets you customize your WordPress dashboard with tools like the login page customizer, menu builder, and folder module. These tools let you make your WordPress site look different than anyone else’s. WP Adminify is a great way to make your WordPress site look more professional. Get WP Adminify Appsumo lifetime deal.

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What is Wp Adminify?

WP Adminify offers tools to help you customize your WordPress dashboard. Such tools include a custom login page, a menu builder, and a folder module. These tools make it easy for you to create a customized dashboard that is specific to your needs. WP Adminify also provides a tutorial on how to use these tools. This makes it easy for you to get started with customizing your WordPress dashboard. appsumo lifetime deal [$69] – Best affiliate products promotions software

WP Adminify features

Adminify enables you to edit and manage your website’s admin interface from the front end. It also allows you to create, delete, and update pages on your site.

White Label WordPress

Get rid of all default WordPress branding after installing WP Adminify. You can make your brand name in Dashboard, in Log-in Synchronization, in the administrator section, and in any other location, you want.

  • Custom Login Page
  • Customize the Dashboard Logo
  • Customize the Menu Items
  • Add/Remove Dashboard Widgets
  • Create a Custom Menu using admin pages
  • Remove/Change Dashboard Footer Copyright Text

Disable Admin Notices

Wp Adminify appsumo lifetime deal

Sometimes WordPress’s Dashboard becomes very messy after Theme and Plugin notice. The UI can be enhanced by eliminating all unwanted admin notices.

  • Hide All Admin Notifications
  • Takedown the Welcome Panel
  • Take away the “PHP Update Required” Notice
  • Remove WP Core and Plugin and Theme Update Notification
  • Eliminate the “Try Gutenberg” Panel

WordPress Dark Mode

Schedule your dark Mode Dashboard at a designated time or according to the Operating System. Alter your branding categories for the light and dark modes and tweak your Dashboard to dark by toggling the switcher.

  • The Light/Dark Mode Switcher is on the Admin Bar
  • Schedule Dark mode
  • Auto Switch Dark and Light from the System Preference
  • Change Logo to Light & Dark mode
  • Over 70 Third-Party Plugins Support

Login Customizer

Customize your login page by customizing the Login Customizer page with your logo. Sixteen pre-made designs are available here for customization. You’ll be able to create an advanced login page using all access and options.

  • 16+ Pre-built templates.
  • Hide or Show Login Page Logo
  • Change the logo’s width and height on the login page
  • Login form position anywhere Vertically/Horizontally
  • Supports BG Slider, Color, Skew, Video, Gradient, etc.
  • Google Fonts Integration

Admin Pages

Wp Adminify appsumo lifetime deal

Build a WordPress dashboard Admin page and assign it to any Top Level Menu or Sub Level lunch menu. You are able to create a custom Admin Page with any Page Constructer.

  • Unlimited Customized Pages for Admins
  • Supports All Page Builder – Gutenberg, Elementor, Oxygen, etc
  • Restrict Custom Admin Pages to specific users with certain roles
  • It can be set as the Top Level Menu or Sub Level Menu
  • Custom CSS and JS for the Admin Pages

Admin Columns Editor

Removing any old Admin columns from any post type can improve the visual quality of your interface. Add or remove columns from any post, page, category, product, etc.

  • Supports all Post Types
  • Taxonomy Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • The Column’s Name and Width can be customized and the Type
  • Add/Edit/Remove/Clone Admin Columns


The Folders module enables users to swiftly organize all their Pages, Posts, Media files, and post types in any folder. You can easily move items into folders of your own choosing.

  • Organize your media files into Folders
  • Post/Page or any other Post Types Helps organize content as well
  • Variation of Folder Color by Color Tags
  • Create Unlimited Folders
  • You can sort, delete and Rename Sub Folder
  • Live Search Folder/Subfolders by names

Admin Menu Editor

Change the default Dashboard Menu item name to your preference, remove the widget, customize the text displayed, and edit the permissions to different menu items.

Menu Duplicator

Create a new menu from the beginning instead of creating multiple as time passes. Replicate a standard menu once and then duplicate it to develop a selection of your menu. You can clone menu items too.

Activity Logs

Would you like to track the status of your site visitors’ activities on your site? This allows you to be aware of every action a user is taking. It is simply like a surveillance camera that tracks everything back to you.

WP Adminify White Label

By activating the WP Adminify WordPress plugin, you can edit every single branding present in your WordPress Dashboard. Use your preferred logo, brand name, URL, description, and Author name when setting up a brand-new admin Dashboard plugin, WordPress.

Header & Footer Scripts

Embed codes JS and CSS into said post or page on your website, as well as any specific post type, page, or desktop, and administer snippets for quick access. Create unlimited lists of code snippets, target only desktop computers or mobile devices, set in specific areas, and more.

Google Pagespeed Insights

It’s the best way to track webpage speed figures in Dashboard. Dashboard is integrated with Google Lighthouse, you can track page speed on any site you’d like.

Custom Dashboard Widgets

Create a text widget dashboard using Text Editor, Shortcode, Video, or Image page builders. Create the Welcome Widget using the editor of your choice, such as Elementor, Oxygen, etc.

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Click here and also find more WP Adminify features.

????Wp Adminify pricing and plans

Wp Adminify appsumo lifetime deal

WP  Adminify Lifetime Access

WP Adminify has four affordable price plans: Personal, Business, Agency, and Enterprise.

Personal plans $79/year

Perfect for small businesses

  • One website
  • Admin Login Customizer
  • Live Menu Item Editor
  • Unlimited Folder
  • Custom Admin Page
  • Header & Footer Scripts
  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Post-Types Order
  • Dashboard & Welcome Widget
  • Disable Comments
  • Quick Menu
  • Menu Duplicator
  • Post-Duplicator
  • Server Information
  • Custom Sidebar Generator
  • Notification Bar
  • Pre-built UI Templates
  • Google Font & Body Background
  • Vertical & Horizontal Menu
  • Admin Bar Customization
  • WP Adminify Tweaks
  • Post Status Colors
  • Custom CSS/JS for Dashboard
  • Import & Export Options
  • 3rd Party Plugin Compatibility
  • WooCommerce Support

Business plans $129/year

Ideal for growing organizations

  • Everything including personal plans
  • Three website 
  • Multisite

Agency plans $249/year

  • Everything, including all business plans
  • 100 website
  • “WP Adminify” White Label

Click here for other WP Adminify plans!

Or, Wp Adminify Appsumo lifetime deal.

Appsumo lifetime deal

????WP Adminify Appsumo lifetime deal only [$59]

WP Adminify allows you to customize themes and plugins to the style you desire. The dashboard includes modules for folders, a login customizer, and a menu builder.

Appsummo offers two pricing plans: 


$ 59 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • All Agency Plan features
  • 5 sites
  • White labeling


$ 118 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • All Agency Plan features
  • 200 sites
  • White labeling

????Get an Extra 10% Off WP Adminify Lifetime Deal on Appsumo $59.00 

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WP  Adminify Lifetime Access

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  • Get a $10 discount at the end
  • Discount valid for new users only.

Final thought

WP Adminify is a great tool for customizing your WordPress dashboard. With its login page customizer, menu builder, and folder module, you can easily create the perfect interface for your site. If you’re looking to make your WordPress site look and feel unique, WP Adminify is the perfect tool for you.

WP  Adminify Lifetime Access

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