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Sniply lifetime deal [$69] – Add a CTA to every shortened link you share

Sniply Lifetime Deal on appsumo
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Hello, my valued readers! Today’s article reviews the “Sniply lifetime deal.” I always try to inform you about unique features on the deal page for this specific matter to that of my article. If you feel my article will be useful, you will purchase Sniply. Let’s go ahead and get the Sniply lifetime deal on Appsumo started now.

When you’re creating content, you want to ensure that readers can quickly access the information they need and then return to their day. Sniply is a link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites. We’ve written about Sniply before, so you can read more about its features here. If you’re looking for a way to get your readers to take action, Sniply is a great option.

What is Sniply?

Sniply is a powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites. It’s useful not just for your website but also to add a CTA to a page you’ve found useful. For example, if you found some interesting statistics in a blog post, you could use Sniply to create a link that added a CTA to your own website and included the blog post in the description.

Alternative to: Bitly

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How does Sniply work?

Sniply is a simple website tool designed to shorten any link, enabling you to add your own customized text to any content. This offers a way for you to insert a call to action into every link you share.

Sniply is a game changer for online marketing.

America’s top 10 marketing blogs already offer Sniply’s conversion-focused link shortening service. Professional marketers have started the link shortening tool. Since its inception, Sniply has been recommended by marketing blogs and thought leaders.

The company is unique in that its link shortener highlights a specific bit of content within the link rather than just showing the full URL. Sniply is a conversion-focused link shortener that has been featured on 300+ marketing blogs and recommended by industry thought leaders.

Sniply all feature

More than 100,000 marketers have already incorporated Sniply’s link shortening tool into their channels. Sniply offers many features like Affiliate marketer, Small and large business, Agency business, and Social media manager. Get a Sniply lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Connect Apps: After experiencing the awesome power of driving traffic and conversions through the use of CTAs when sharing links, for example, one might wonder how they can scale it. The answer is to integrate Sniply into their daily workflow so that it becomes a natural part of all aspects of marketing rather than being something that needs to be constantly monitored or added on top.

Sniply Lifetime Deal

Custom Link Shortener: Sniply is a site that allows you to create customized links. Whenever you share your web page or article, you can integrate a customized end identifier with the link, directing people back to your website. Sign up for a free trial and observe how your partners in UTM tracking are delighted with your new links.

Link Management and Analytics: With Sniply, you can quickly and easily create shortened links for your content on social media. When someone clicks the link, they’re immediately redirected to a page on your website that shows them more about what you’re talking about in regards to the topic of your post. They also have the opportunity to get back to where they were originally by clicking on a call-to-action button, for example, “Learn more here.”

Link Tracking Data from Analytics: With Sniply’s link management platform, you can track and analyze the success of all your snips. This information is imperative for following up on leads that drive traffic to a website or sales page. Collecting data about your generated links allows you to analyze what type of content drives conversions. For example, if an e-book review snip generates less than desired results, then you know that a call-to-action message may be more important.

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Data from A/B Testing: Full link management allows you to add multiple variants to every campaign for A/B testing different elements in the URL. These elements will be simulated for each and every variant and benchmarked against each other for evaluation purposes, and the data will be collated to help you find the best-performing variant. Sniply is not merely a shortener but much more than just a link management platform.

Retargeting Pixel: Add pixel data from Facebook, Twitter, or Google, so that you can create audience segments and track them with retargeted ads on other platforms. Copy the pixel code to the retargeting page in the Sniply dashboard, and retargeted ads on other channels won’t just track the links. They’ll send custom audience data directly to your ad platforms.

Sniply Lifetime Deal


Conversion Optimization: Not only is Sniply much more than just a link shortener, but it also allows you the opportunity to customize and optimize each link you share. Turning your traffic into conversions.

  • A Content Marketer’s Secret Weapon: A/B Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization on Every Shared Link
  • Verified Conversions for Accurate Data
  • Shared Content as a Lead Generation Tool

Publishing Tools from Sniply: Sniply is more than just a simple URL shortener. When you use Sniply to publish and share online content, you’ll have access to a wealth of analytics through which you can discover what your audience sees when they click your Sniply links, enabling you to actively direct them back to your website.

  • Track Everything
  • Every Link On Brand
  • Optimize Campaigns

Meet Sniply lifetime deal on Appsumo.

More than just a URL Shortener

Sniply is more than a simple URL shortener. You can customize each of your individual Sniply shortlink call-to-actions to include your brand’s style. Tailor the color, design, placement, custom short link, and domain for each of your short link CTAs. Use these custom URL shortener features to group CTAs by a campaign, run A/B testing on different campaigns, create new CTAs to compare, or tailor your CTAs to mirror your brand’s style. See all

  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Position
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Shortlink
  • CTA Buttons
  • CTA Forms
  • CTA with Text
  • CTA Images

How To Use Sniply

You Shorten a URL

Copy the URL you would like to share. Copy it and paste it into Sniply to create a shorter URL.

Include a call-to-action button, also known as “snip.”

If a user clicks the shortened URL and the page is opened, it opens in a frame that contains a call to action button, also referred to in the form of “snips.” The call-to-action button, also known as “snips,” can be personalized: a link to be a landing page as well as an email sign-up submission, an ad, or any other kind.

Sniply overall overview

Sniply is a powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to external web pages, including content from other websites. Not just another link shortener, Sniply lets you add calls to action (CTAs) to literally any website using your own custom link!

Sniply Lifetime Deal

Sniply Lifetime access

Using Sniply, you can add your own CTA (call to action) to literally any webpage. And because of its unique ability to “snip” any webpage, it allows you to create an immediate connection with your visitors that compels them to act. Also, the clean ads-free banners it creates are highly shareable on social media and other marketing channels.

You can analyze the user behavior of your website visitors, including traffic, conversions, time on site, bounce rate, and clicks, with robust link analytics. You can run A/B testing on your CTAs to identify the best combination of color or copy that yields the most clicks and conversions. Sniply can even integrate with Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and Google Ads to retarget users with ads.

You can then link every single outgoing page on your website with only a few lines of code. You can also set up filters and exceptions if you don’t wish to modify any social or affiliate links on your website. Best of all, you can add clickable calls to action in your content, so you don’t need to work with a second app.

Meet Sniply lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Why best Sniply in other Apps?

Sniply is the best custom link shortener for serious sharers because it allows you to track, test, and engage with your followers no matter what links you’re tweeting or sharing through email marketing. We keep a close eye on how our users are engaging with different published content as well as offering robust link analytics so that you can really get to know what works when it comes to posting on social media. Test out new initiatives using different links and identify which one yields the most conversion!

Sniply pricing plan 

Sniply offers Five simple plan options to fit your needs: Free Plans, Basic plans, Pro Plans, Business Plans, And agency plans.

Sniply Lifetime Deal

Free plans

  • 500 clicks / mo
  • 20 links/mo
  • One brand profiles
  • 1 team members

Basic plans $29/per month

  • 5,000 clicks / mo
  • 1,000 links / mo
  • Two brand profiles
  • 1 team members

Pro plans $79/month

  • 20,000 clicks / mo
  • 5,000 links / mo
  • Six brand profiles
  • 3 team members

See all plans or Sniply lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Sniply Lifetime deal on Appsumo $69

Sniply assists you in creating attractive call-to-action overlays and gives you Pixel targeting so that you may bring leftover traffic to your website. Look to your content for increased promotion opportunities. Get the Sniply lifetime deal package today!

Sniply Appsumo pricing below:

License Tier 1

$ 69 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 5 team members
  • 10 brands
  • 20,000 clicks per link per month
  • Unlimited links

License Tier 2

$ 139 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 10 team members
  • 20 brands
  • 30,000 clicks per link per month
  • Unlimited links

License Tier 3

$ 209 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 15 team members
  • 30 brands
  • 60,000 clicks per link per month
  • Unlimited links

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Final thought

We hope you enjoyed this blog about Sniply! Sniply is a powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites. With Sniply, you can show your customers or clients products, services, or just about anything else you can think of. We hope this blog has helped you learn more about this unique tool! If you have any questions about Sniply, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this! Get a Sniply lifetime deal.

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