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PromptSmart lifetime deal [$59] – Teleprompter software & video production solutions

PromptSmart Lifetime Deal
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Hello, my valuable readers! Today’s article reviews the “PromptSmart lifetime deal.” I always try to inform you about unique features on the deal page for this specific matter to that of my article. If you feel my article will be useful, you will purchase PromptSmart. Let’s go ahead and get the PromptSmart lifetime deal on Appsumo started now. 

“No one wants to watch a bad presentation.” is a pretty true sentence, especially if you are a business owner. You need PromptSmart to give you more confidence in your presentations. This blog gives you an introduction to PromptSmart, an app that will run on any smart device. “The next time you give a presentation, PromptSmart will turn your iPad into a true teleprompter: it will scroll only when you speak, allowing you to read your presentation easily and look natural doing it.”

What is PromptSmart?

PromptSmart is a personal teleprompter tool that only scrolls when you speak, making every presentation crystal clear. With PromptSmart, you can scroll through your presentation notes without worrying about missing anything important. Plus, the software’s instant playback feature makes it easy to review your performance before and after the meeting. 

Alternative to: Teleprompter Pro and Promaster

Best for: YouTubers, content creators, and influencers who want to present scripted content at an easy-to-understand pace will find this software useful.

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How to work PromptSmart?

PromptSmart is a versatile, cross-platform application for video service solutions. Import scripts into the cloud or draft them in your My PromptSmart customer portal. PromtSmart manages three simple steps: 

  1. Import your scripts (mobile only)
  2. Edit and prepare scripts for reading
  3. Sync to get access across all devices

The PromptSmart Advantage:

PromptSmart Lifetime Deal

  • Scroll The Text As You Speak With VoiceTrack. All audio playback can be processed locally on your device without a network connection.
  • Scroll At A Continuous, Pre-Set Speed range from 70wpm to 400 wpm.
  • Log in to our customer portal from a computer or from your mobile device or tablet to access view and control sessions with our login.
  • PromptSmart’s portal allows you to create multiple copies of your presentation screen.

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Customize Your Style Settings

Select your preferred font style, size, and color profile. Apply colors, highlights, or typeface options to individual words for added effect. Choose from 10 fonts and enlarge up to 180 pt (on PCs and Macs).

Help Focus Your Gaze

Reading off your display or prompter glass can produce dynamic eye contact with your audience while you adjust the side margins to decrease eye tracking. Inverting the text from the teleprompter glass to reflect the viewer is beneficial for mirroring your image.

PromptSmart Is Cloud-Enabled

Edit scripts on your desktop using our word processor, and then shoot your video from a mobile device or in the studio.

You’re Always In Control

The PromptSmart mobile app and the Online Control Room can control multiple sessions via multiple remote options. Mix and match your devices by choosing from the available options.

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Skips Over Tagged Text For Headers Or Directions

Look straight into the camera: PromptSmart’s Selfie Mode creates text pre-video chat on your front-facing camera.

Record in 4k resolution in iOS & Android apps: The iPhone’s wide-angle recording feature is balanced and supported on the iPad and iPhone.

PromptSmart Lifetime Deal

Move naturally: You can also use the recording volume from your selfie stick’s buttons to start and pause your videos.

High Volume Solution: Record multiple videos one after the other using Story Block and Selfie mode. Each block will record and save before moving on to the next block.

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Why use PromptSmart?

VoiceTrack technology is the newest addition to the VoiceTrackTM voice-activation system and has been patented. As you talk, VoiceTrack recognizes your tongue and lip movements automatically, scrolling as you talk and stopping when you pause or improvise. As soon as you begin talking, VoiceTrack seamlessly resumes with its previously recorded material.

Manage the content in the Profile Shortcut section of your PromptSmart customer portal, update what is displayed in real-time, and clone displays and prompter text from a web-based control center. End-to-end encrypted.

PromptSmart overall overview

PromptSmart is a personal teleprompter tool that only scrolls when you speak, making every presentation crystal clear.

With PromptSmart, you have access to patented speech-recognition scrolling. This is designed to help you record content in fewer takes.

The VoiceTrack engine will automatically stop scrolling when you pause, improvise, or even go off-script. So, you can pick right back up where you left off.

You also have the option to control your prompter manually. This is thanks to the user-friendly, web-based remote control.

Plus, with PromptSmart, you’ll be able to invert the text display for physical teleprompter rigs and use duplicate displays for multiple cameras. When presenting at an online conference, you can also position your script below a webcam using a semi-transparent window. And if you’re filming for a video or live broadcast, you can use your phone or tablet as a physical teleprompter, so you can record in any environment.

PromptSmart is a tool that helps you with your script-writing process. It allows you to break your script into segments to record multiple video clips in one go. Plus, adjusting your script on the fly is easy – just click and drag different segments around until you find the perfect flow. And if you’re worried about losing track of things, don’t be! PromptSmart also lets you keep track of your word count, estimated run time, and displays an overview of your progress. Writing up your scripts on the PromptSmart website also helps you keep all your files organized.

PromptSmart Lifetime Deal

Generate a readable script for emphasis by adding visual cues and highlighting key phrases. You can also choose to have VoiceTrack scrolling automatically updated wirelessly with your latest version of VoiceTracking. You can also use VoiceTracking mobile applications to display the script on multiple devices.

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PromptSmart pricing plans

PromptSmart offers three pricing plans. Choose your perfect plan: Starter Pack Plans, Team Plans, and Enterprise Plans.

Starter Pack Plans $99.99/year

  • Includes access to iOS and Android PromptSmart+ apps
  • PromptSmart Studio Edition for Windows and macOS
  • Web-based document editing and cross-platform content sync
  • View and control prompter text from mobile or web Remote Control solutions
  • Works best for going solo or smaller operations

Team Plans $199.99/year

  • Includes everything in Starter, plus:
  • Support for multiple browser-based Remote Control Room sessions
  • Stay organized with up to 10 nested folders
  • Ideal solution for most in-person or remote workplaces
  • Suitable for small to mid-sized collaborative teamwork
PromptSmart lifetime access

Enterprise Plans 

  • Includes everything in Team, plus:
  • Control your information. Support for mobile app management in (iOS only)
  • An admin panel to add or remove sub-users
  • Credentials and content will differ for each sub-user. No sub-user limit
  • Best for large operations

See all Plans or PromptSmart lifetime deal on Appsumo

PromptSmart Lifetime deal on Appsumo $59

PromptSmart allows you the confidence to present anything, utilizing online teleprompters that scroll in real-time as you talk. Present however you would like. Register for PromptSmart now to get a lifetime deal!

PromptSmart Appsumo all features

  • Mobile, Web as well as PC accessibility
  • VoiceTrack speech-recognition-based scrolling (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian)
  • Mirroring/inversion of text for use with prompter rigs that are physical
  • Guide bar that shows the user line(s) in the box for reading
  • 10 different font styles to select from for easy licensing and ease of reading
  • Customizable fonts and background color
  • Segment scripts can be incorporated into story blocks that will automatically change after the user has finished reading.
  • Remote control of room view and move text around on
  • Create unlimited duplicates of PromptSmart presentations that can be used with multiple camera configurations
  • edit scripts using for use within the app, or modify or create scripts inside the application
  • Document sharing between multiple users
  • Ideal formats for imports including DOCX, TXT (including Word Online), PDF, RTF, and Google Documents
  • Integrations of scripts are available on iOS and Android using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and iCloud

PromptSmart Appsumo pricing below: 

License Tier 1

$ 59 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 1 nested folders in scripts
  • 1 remote control room(s)
  • Unlimited device connections

License Tier 2

$ 118 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 10 nested folders in scripts
  • Unlimited remote control room(s)
  • Unlimited device connections

PromptSmart lifetime deal and PromptSmart review

PromptSmart review: PromptSmart is one of the best teleprompter applications and video production solutions I have ever used. This software is so easy to use, and the video recording is crystal clear. I have tried other video recording software, and PromptSmart is the best. I was able to create a custom teleprompter video and get started right away. PromptSmart is a must-have for anyone who makes videos or presentations.

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Final thought

You probably have developed a system if you are a professional content creator who needs to give presentations at all events. If you have not yet developed this system, you should consider using PromptSmart as your teleprompter tool. You can access the PromptSmart lifetime deal and use it at your next presentation. You will be glad you did!

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Note: If you’re looking to purchase a product from Appumo, most of the time, the lifetime deal offer will be out of stock within a week. Get a PromptSmart lifetime deal on Appsumo. Grab it now if you need it.

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