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Preceden Lifetime Deal [$59] – Create Visual Timelines & Roadmaps in Minutes

Preceden Lifetime Deal on Appsumo
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How do you communicate your project’s progress to stakeholders? That is a question that is non-negotiable when you are taking up a project. If stakeholders do not know what your project is doing, then they can make plans that are unrealistic, miss deadlines, and go over budget. How do you make sure that your project is delivering what it needs to deliver? That is where Preceden comes in. Preceden is a web-based tool that helps you create professional project timelines and roadmaps. The site is very simple to use. You simply enter the activities and the project milestones.

What is Preceden?

Preceden is a web-based tool that helps you create professional project timelines and roadmaps. It makes it easy to keep track of your progress, identify potential obstacles, and make informed decisions about when and how to move forward. By creating a timeline in Preceden, you can better ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

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Why Preceden?

Are you looking for an easy way to create timelines and roadmaps? Preceden may be just what you need! This online timeline maker helps you quickly create stunning visualizations, including timelines, pie charts, radar charts, and more. Whether you’re trying to keep track of your progress on a project or share your ideas with others, Preceden is a great tool. So why not give it a try today?

All features of Preceden

Preceden is a tool that helps you quickly create, customize, and share impressive timeline visualizations. Whether you need to track your progress on a project or just want to share your ideas with others, Preceden makes it easy. You can create timelines in minutes and then share them with other users for feedback or collaboration.

Preceden Lifetime Deal

Visualize Key Events: Easy access and visibility of past events or upcoming changes allow you to keep events organized, check back to past events, monitor what’s taking place now, and know what the future holds.

Share in a Variety of Ways: When you want to share your timeline, there are many different options available, including a link, PDF, image, HTML embed, PowerPoint or Keynote export, spreadsheet, presentation mode, and more.

Gain Insights and Clarity: Imagine how cool it would be if you had a portable handheld device that could tell you everything related to your project’s timeline at all times – both what happened in the past, who is involved, and what. It may be about to take place!

Build With Ease: Preceden Interactive Timeline Creator lets you easily create, collaborate on, and share timelines, so you can devote your time to your project rather than learning about complex roadmapping or Gantt chart software.

Start Simple or Use a Theme: Preceden timeline creator provides three professional timeline templates to help you kickstart your timeline, or you can start with a blank slate to freely customize every aspect of your timeline.

Preceden Lifetime deal on Appsumo

Preceden Lifetime access

Advanced Features for Power Users: You’ll be able to add bulk editing, milestones, user permissions, dependencies, and other features that are beneficial to a professional timeline or Gantt chart to your timeline with the Dependency and Caption tools.

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The Preceden overall overview

Preceden is a web-based application that you can use to create professional project timelines and roadmaps. Just add key events to your timeline, and the tool will automatically generate a stunning visualization for you. Then, group those events into layers to keep your timeline organized by both team members and/or department. Preceden was designed with simplicity in mind, so you never have to worry about finding out how to customize the look and feel of your timeline because they have simplified it down as much as possible.

Preceden Lifetime Deal on appsumo

You will be able to set dates as dependencies that update dynamically as events are completed, create connections between items so said items are reflected directly in the calendar, and set up start times and milestones for any of the timelines you create (no matter how long or short they may be). Additionally, you now have the option to set visual cues like completion bars along with their percentages so that members of your team can better reflect on a project’s progress at a glance!

Preceden lets you choose other people to share your timeline as a link that is only visible to those people you want to see it. And when sharing from within Preceden’s site, you can present (in presentation mode) without ever having to leave the administrator’s site.

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Why should you use Preceden?

Timeline and roadmap Maker is a great tool for building basic project plans. You can plan out your projects with timelines, Gantt charts, and milestones. With Timeline Maker, you’ll be able to quickly view and edit your project timelines. It’s great for creating detailed, professional-looking project plans for when you need to pitch new projects to higher-ups. Whether you’re working with a team in-person or digitally, you can use Timeline Maker to create a project plan together and get everyone on the same page.

Best for Preceden

Best for project managers, marketers, and consultants looking to make presentation-worthy timelines, Preceden offer a sleek and intuitive platform that makes creating and managing presentations easy.

See all use cases:

  • Project management
  • Education
  • Legal cases
  • Research
  • Writer

Preceden pricing plan 

Preceden offers three simple plan options to fit your needs:

Preceden Lifetime Deal on appsumo

1: Free – includes all the features you need for free.

  • One timeline
  • One user
  • Unlimited events on the public timeline

2: Professional $12/monthly – includes more features and flexibility, as well as priority customer service.

  • Five timelines
  • One user
  • Unlimited events on public timelines
  • Unlimited events on private timelines
  • Remove Preceden branding
  • Spreadsheet import

3: Business $20/monthly – Preceden most premium plan, with even more features and customization.

  • Five timelines
  • One user
  • Unlimited events on public timelines
  • Unlimited events on private timelines
  • Remove Preceden branding
  • Spreadsheet import
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Dependencies
  • Custom logo

See custom plan or Preceden lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Preceden Lifetime deal on Appsumo $59

Preceden is a software solution that helps you build and share a variety of timeline-based presentations in a flash, making it dead easy for you to keep your respective teams aligned and your clients informed without the need for inflating the cost of your project.

  • Unlimited sliders
  • Custom CSS add-on
  • Slider templates (Slider Themes add-on)
  • Image protection (Protection add-on)
  • Schedule slides (Schedule add-on)
  • Instagram add-on
  • Pinterest add-on
  • Carousel add-on
  • Lightbox add-on
  • Featured Content add-on
  • WooCommerce add-on
  • PDF Slider add-on
  • Dynamic Sliders add-on
  • Thumbnail Navigation add-on
  • Defaults add-on

Appsumo pricing below:

License Tier 1

$ 59 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 5 timelines
  • 1 user
  • 1 collaborator

License Tier 2

$ 119 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 20 timelines
  • 5 users
  • 10 collaborators

License Tier 3

$ 199 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited timelines
  • 15 users
  • Unlimited collaborators

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Final thought

We hope you enjoyed the above article on Preceden. With this knowledge, you can create professional-looking project timelines to help you and your team manage your projects more easily! What are you waiting for? Get Preceden lifetime deal access.

Preceden Lifetime access

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