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Minerva lifetime deal [$69] – Easily generate support docs for SaaS products

Minerva lifetime deal
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Hello, my valuable readers! Today’s article reviews the “Minerva lifetime deal.” I always try to inform you about unique features on the deal page for this specific matter to that of my article. If you’re like most software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers? You will purchase Minerva. Let’s go ahead and get the Minerva lifetime deal on AppSumo, started now and increase conversion rates.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to be more efficient. I’m always trying new ways to streamline my workflow and save time. One of the ways I’ve been able to do this is by using Minerva. Minerva is the easiest way to capture and share clickable instructions on-demand for anything on the internet.

What is Mineva (Lifetime deal)?

Minerva provides a self-serve knowledge base that allows users to access and manage their knowledge in a centralized location. This allows users to find the information they need quickly and easily without searching through multiple sources. Minerva also offers quick and easy ways for users to share knowledge with others, which helps create a cohesive community of experts.

Minerva is perfect for SaaS products that need to provide a Knowledge Management (KM) solution for their customers.

Alternative to: Workdeck, and Element.

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The MIneva specifications

The average SaaS business spends over $100,000 annually to create video content, FAQ pages, and interactive information to help people use its products. Worse yet, the speed of product updates makes it almost impossible to reliably monitor all your content and stay current with all your customers.

AI Knowledge Base: Documentation is generated based on common user interactions with your product.

Interactive Guides: Do you want to add something unique? Minerva gives you the ability to create in-app guides quickly and easily.

Automatic Screenshots: The Minerva Guide comes complete with screenshots showing your clients exactly what they need to do.

Dynamic Videos: The customer education team will be able to focus on creating powerful curricula rather than wasting time on menial tasks, thanks to AI-generated videos.

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Benefit of Minerva 

Minerva can help your organization in many ways, including saving time, effort, and money. We’ve seen organizations benefit in these ways and more. . Here are just a few of the ways our clients have benefited:

  • Streamlined operations and reduced waste from more efficient use of resources.
  • Increased employee productivity from having all the information they need in one place.
  • Improved customer satisfaction from faster, more accurate responses to inquiries.
  • Reduced paper consumption and associated costs.

Customer Success: With our easy-to-use content creation tools, you can quickly and easily develop personalized educational content for your clients that covers a wide range of topics. 

Minerva lifetime deal

Product Management: You can create product walkthroughs without involving your engineering team in just a few clicks.

Revenue Operations: Create customized product demos and entice more customers with tailored content to close more trials. 

Do you Want to add custom content?

Minerva makes customer education a snap. Customers can learn about your product, and it’s really easy to add custom content to your knowledge base.

Capture a Workflow: Our browser add-on generates multimedia guides in seconds. Each guide consists of unique content. 

  • On-screen, interactive, step-by-step instructions
  • Embeddable FAQ pages with screenshots
  • AI-generated demo videos

Customize Your Content: You can create a custom experience for your visitors by editing copy, redacting confidential information from screenshots, and managing who can access your guides. 

Share Your Guide: Include your guides directly in support documents, FAQ pages, or share a link!

Collaborate With Others: Invite your customers and team members to your knowledge base to help you organize, curate, and compile guides together in one place! 

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Increase User Engagement

Product Managers should take the Minerva user testing tool for a spin. This tool helps product managers build quicker in-product walkthroughs without engineering support and is overall a positive experience. 

Minerva lifetime deal

Minerva lifetime access

Create Product Tours in minutes: Create a simple workflow when a feature is ready that you can share in release emails, auto-launch on your website, or for internal education.

Engage your customers: Go-to-Market just got easier! With easy-to-follow steps, Minerva can help drive product adoption. From the initial phase post-launch, Minerva helps you track user interest, manage user feedback, and uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your software.

Proactive Product Management:  By getting better at predicting user behavior and satisfying their needs directly, you will be able to improve the quality of your product. 

Meet Minerva lifetime deal on AppSumo

How to work Minerva?

Minerva collects information behind the scenes that shows how your product is being used and turns that data into custom help documents, interactive how-tos, and popular customer education programs.

Minerva lifetime deal

Minerva lifetime access

It working just 3 simple steps: 

  • Step 1; Turn on Minerva: Add one line of Javascript to your site, and Minerva operates in the background of your site.
  • Step 2; Let It Work: Minerva creates educational content based on patterns of audience behaviour.
  • Step 3; Customize: Review, edit, and publish these guides as you see fit.

Minerva pricing plans

Minerva offers four affordable pricing plans: Individual, Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans. 


Individual plans (Free)

  • Individual Workspace
  • 50 Guide Creations
  • Unlimited Guidebooks
  • Screenshots and Video
  • Guide Sharing and Embedding
  • Private Guides (up to 3)

Premium plans $99/month

  • Everything In Individual, Plus:
  • Unlimited Guides
  • Private Guides
  • Unlimited Guidebooks
  • Private Groups (up to 3)
  • Collaborative Editing

Business plans $1999/month

  • Everything In Premium, Plus:
  • SDK Access
  • Private Groups (up to 10)
  • Custom Branding Options
  • AI-Powered Guide Creation (Add-on)
  • AI-Generated Knowledge Base (Add-on)

See All plans or Minerva lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Minerva Lifetime deal on Appsumo only $69

It’s difficult and time-consuming to update onboarding tutorials if changes are made to your onboarding procedure. But Minerva uses artificial intelligence to create up-to-date and customized onboarding tutorials for any SaaS product. Contribute more users. Get Minerva lifetime deal access today!

Minerva Appsumo all features:

  • Lifetime access to Minerva
  • All future Individual or Business Plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Screenshots and video
  • Guide sharing and embedding
  • Manage guide settings
  • Private guides
  • Chrome extension
  • Access to all public guides
  • Workspace analytics
  • Collaborative editing

Minerva Appsumo pricing below: 

License Tier 1

$ 69 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Up to 3 private groups
  • 50 members per group
  • Unlimited guides
  • Unlimited guidebooks
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

License Tier 2

$ 139 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • Up to 10 private groups
  • 100 members per group
  • Unlimited guides
  • Unlimited guidebooks
  • SDK (customizable)
  • Remove Minerva logo
  • Upload your logo
  • Custom branding options
  • Unlimited SDK users

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Final thought

Minerva creates an easy way for users to access self-serve knowledge bases inside SaaS products. This makes creating and using knowledge bases easier than ever, making it a great choice for companies looking to improve their productivity. This is a milestone for the growing SaaS industry. While businesses worldwide have eagerly adopted the benefits of SaaS, many SaaS apps have until now lacked the ability to provide a self-service support experience for their end users.

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Note: If you’re looking to purchase a product from Appumo, most of the time, the lifetime deal offer will be out of stock within a week. Get a Minerva lifetime deal on Appsumo. Grab it now if you need it.

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