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Boomerangme lifetime deal [$109] – Digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Boomerangme lifetime deal
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Hello, my valuable readers! Today’s article reviews the “Boomerangme lifetime deal.” I always try to inform you about unique features on the deal page for this specific matter to that of my article. If you’re a Marketer, Digital Marketing agency, and Small or medium business owner, you know your customers are your lifeblood. You need to attract them and keep them coming back. A loyalty program is a great way to do this. Boomerangme is a simple way to create digital loyalty cards that you can send to your customers so they can carry them in Apple Wallet and Google Play. This blog will look at different aspects of these loyalty programs and how we can use the boomerangme app to help create your own loyalty program.

What is Boomerangme & Boomerangme lifetime deal?

Boomerangme is a digital loyalty card that helps you create and redeem loyalty cards. It is simple to create digital loyalty cards and redeem them. Are you a small business relying on digital loyalty cards to keep your customers returning? If so, Boomerangme may be the perfect program for you. With Boomerangme, you can create digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Play. This way, your customers can stay connected with you even after they stop using your products. Plus, by default, these cards provide a lifetime warranty.

Best for:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Small businesses
  • Social media managers

Alternative to:

  • Loopy Loyalty

Meet Boomerangme lifetime deal on Appsumo.

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Simplest rewards program for local businesses

Getting a 2X increase in return rates and a 30 increase in revenue with digital reward cards is a strategy businesses can use to increase profits. By pairing digital rewards with cards that offer higher returns, businesses can encourage customers to spend more money. This also increases revenue as customers are more likely to spend their rewards on goods or services.

Install ten times faster.

Digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

  • Stamps: Works on the mechanics: Buy ten and get the 11th as a gift.
  • Cashback: Give and redeem customers points for purchases.
  • Subscription: Sell services in bulk to your customers.
  • Discount: Classic discount system with several earning levels.
  • Coupon: Attract new customers with digital coupons.
  • Certificate: Sell prepaid certificates to customers. 

Boomerangme lifetime deal

Choose from six types of digital cards for your next loyalty program or promotion.

Scanner app

Easy way to reward customers with bonuses

You can check the free scanner app to handle your loyalty point and charge systems. Register your supervisors for separate bookkeeping of accruals.

Meet Boomerangme lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Free PUSH instead SMS

Transaction: Automatically receive PUSH notifications immediately following each transaction. Instantaneously, it distributes a growing list of information about account balance changes on the previous transaction.

Marketing: Notify the customer base by sending an SMS message. Send PUSH to a selection of clients or the entire audience.

Geolocation: Automatic PUSH notifications within 330 feet of your business locations automatically appear on loyalty cardholders’ lock screens.

Quality control: Automatic push notifications are sent to any address requesting feedback on the service quality one hour after each transaction.

Reminder: You are automatically sent follow-up notifications after 28 days of the last order, with the opportunity to resend an anonymous purchase.

Create your way: Thanks to the PUSH automation builder, you can select a script for recording PUSH notifications. 

Meet Boomerangme lifetime deal on Appsumo.

How to use Boomerangme?

To ensure your loyalty to your company is unswervingly fostered, set up your first loyalty card in 15 minutes. This will help ensure that you always feel appreciated and can easily move forward with your career. 

Boomerangme lifetime deal

Keep track of loyalty stats and promotions from one convenient dashboard.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a promotion: For example, a gift every 10th coffee or return 10% cashback of every payment.
  2. Choose card template: Use 1 of 111 premade templates or a simple card builder to create your own card design.
  3. Fill design and content: Upload your logo and colors on the card. Add promotion rules, your contact info, and business locations.
  4. Download created promo: The service automatically creates A4 file promo in PDF with your promotion rules, card QR-code, and installation instructions.
  5. Promote your action: Print and place your promo in offline locations and share card installation links on social networks. 
  6. All set: Now you’re done! 

Meet Boomerangme lifetime deal on Appsumo.

Boomerangme is the easiest-to-use loyalty solution.

You can say goodbye to a new card when your customer shoves it into their wallet. Luckily, Boomerangme enables you to use digital loyalty cards, push notifications, and an incorporated CRM to keep your customers coming back for more. Buy lifetime access to Boomerangme today. One-time low-priced purchase of 109!

The Boomerangme Exclusive features

  • Lifetime access to Boomerangme
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Unlimited cards, subscription cards, and cashback cards
  • 111+ card templates (plus any future templates) and custom card designing
  • Card distribution (SMS distribution paid separately via your Twilio account)
  • Built-in Boomerangme CRM
  • Free push notifications through Boomerangme (instead of SMS)
  • Geolocation push notifications for customers within 100 M (330 feet)
  • API calls
  • Analytics
  • Referral program and feedback collection
  • Free scanner app for charging cards
  • Unlimited digital wallet cards
  • Custom plan rates and currencies
  • Duplicate control and phone verification
  • Integrations: Twilio, SendGrid, Stripe, Google Tag Manager

Boomerangme Lifetime deal on Appsumo $109 

The Boomerangme is a powerful loyalty program designed specifically for small businesses. With Boomerangme, you can create digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Play, helping you to attract and retain customers like never before. The platform also offers free push notifications and an integrated CRM system, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged.

Boomerangme lifetime deal

Boomerangme lifetime access

Using Boomerangme, you can launch a loyalty program you can count on. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Boomerangme is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to build stronger customer relationships. The platform is easy to use and requires no technical expertise, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and types. With lifetime access to Boomerangme, you can start building your loyalty program today and enjoy the benefits of increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Boomerangme Appsumo pricing is below: 


$ 109 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 1 account
  • 50 manager seats
  • 10 active promotions
  • 10 geolocation push notifications
  • 3 integrations
  • White labeling


$ 218 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 1 account
  • 100 manager seats
  • 20 active promotions
  • 20 geolocation push notifications
  • 6 integrations
  • White labeling


$ 327 One Time Purchase of
  • All features above included
  • 1 account
  • 150 manager seats
  • 30 active promotions
  • 30 geolocation push notifications
  • 9 integrations
  • White labeling

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Final Thought

Boomerangme is a great solution for small businesses looking to offer loyalty programs to their customers. With its easy-to-use platform, businesses can create digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Play, which allows customers to easily access and use their rewards. Boomerangme also offers valuable insights and analytics for businesses to track their customers’ behavior and preferences, helping them make more informed decisions. Overall, Boomerangme is a cost-effective and efficient way for small businesses to enhance customer loyalty and retention.

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Note: If you’re looking to purchase a product from Appumo, most of the time, the lifetime deal offer will be out of stock within a week. Get the Boomerangme lifetime deal on Appsumo. Grab it now if you need it.

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